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Leander is the viewpoint character in the story Keep Her Safe in the Faerie Apocalypse universe.


Pants that fit perfectly and t-shirt which fit like a glove

Collar: the weight was light, sitting low on his neck, and he could feel something like a loop sitting in the hollow of his throat.


“You will not attack me, my family, or my staff.”

“You will not leave my presence until we’re home and, after that, you will stay in my daughter’s presence or within forty feet of her unless she specifically requests privacy.”


No leashes in public

S. will not make a joke out of L. protecting him.

L. won’t carry her off unless he needs to

An hour a day where Sylviane spends time protected so Leander can get touch from Mr. MacDiarmad


work camp turning big rocks into little ones

Before that: Combat training. Different muscles. Would take work to get those back. Could probably do it, though.”

Personality as S. knows it

“Choices. They make you uncomfortable.”

“Choices with a wrong answer make me uncomfortable,”

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