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Welcome to the Bellamy Manor Archival Library and Museum

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It is one of the foremost in the nation, nay, in the world. Its collections host an amazing depth and breadth of information, of historical artifacts, of documentation of life in thousands of different sorts.

It also is rumored to be haunted – as all good archives are – to hold secrets – again, as all must – and to hide many more rooms in its historical halls than its exterior would suggest. It’s rumored to have anything you might want, if only you know what to look for.

Darker rumors suggest that it eats new hires.

One-Story-Setting: The setting, the story, and the location are all The Bellamy.


Landing Page


History of the World

The Bellamy seems to be in a world very similar to the world we live in... but then again, maybe not.

Historic Events Mentioned

The Archive


"The Bellamy could be said to have a personality, but that would be a bit misleading. I’d say it’s more likely that the place has several personalities, some of them clashing." - Severn Herrley

The Building

From the front approach: a four-story building flanked by buildings from one to maybe six stories.

In the left of the main front building are the three elevators

The Bellamy Gazette

Available on microfiche in Reprography

"They don't do two editions a day anymore, just one a week and that's mostly online, just about 300 copies to really dedicated subscribers, but back in the day, you could get a lot of interesting stuff from the Gazette." - Two


Ancient Acquisitions

Donor Relations

History of Childhood

Hunting and Trophies

Local History

North American Culture





Supernatural and Occult


The Eddleton — Carey Dig in West Beckdinham



How many people work at the Bellamy? Miss Haas notes it as "something like 10 people, not counting Adele."

"How many field agents does the Bellamy have?"

"Oh, I have no idea. Even the number that Ancient Acquisitions has varies wildly - right now, it's four, but a month ago, it was fourteen - but the Bellamy has field agents working outside of the Acquisitions departments as well. Of course there's the Donor Relations Department - they're interested in funding, more or less - and then there's a couple field agents in PR. But since the Bellamy has more departments than even I have heard of, I couldn't bring myself to even hazard a guess." - Severn Herrley

Veronika Bellamy - Protagonist

Juian Coxeole - Some weeks, runs Ancient Acquisitions

Mariyam Haas - Chief Curator

Severn Herrley - Some weeks, runs Ancient Acquisitions

Uma Issin - Chief Front Desk Librarian and Curator

Eleanor Kennedy - Local History Curator

Gilda Longcrest - part of the staff in Reprography but nobody's seen her in years

Delphine - Works in Hunting and Trophies

Sylvester - Chef at the Café

One - part of the staff in Reprography

Two - part of the staff in Reprography

Three - part of the staff in Reprography


Eve Dirckx - works at the temp agency

Other Locations

The Fillion