After Coming Into The Final Terminal Code

From Alder's Worlds

There are a sequence of secret codes hidden within entry terminals across the Museum of Know-how. This is a part of a collection of safety checks for a scavenger, Prime's allocation of loot for one more comrade expected to point out up on the museum. Watch out, you solely get one try at entering the codes. If you make an error, you will be unable to finish this quest and will be unable to acquire the Xuanlong assault rifle. Prime's identify, as the correct numbers are all prime values (divisible by only themselves and the quantity 1, for instance, 2, 3, 5, 7, and so on.). Successfully unlocking all three terminals will grant the player the password for the security Workplace terminal, permitting them to unlock the protected. The first terminal is on the wall straight forward whenever you enter the museum. As quickly as you enter the west wing, the second terminal can be on your instant left (it would be the second terminal to the proper). The third terminal is on the bottom flooring near the Delta IX rocket. The protected is positioned west of the planetarium in the safety office that overlooks the Virgo II. 002 - 53 (Within the museum's West Wing, which is past the Vault tour. Just after entering, seen forward and slightly to the left. Accessing any of these terminals allow you to begin this sequence. Inside, the secure holds 200 caps, sundry other valuables, and the gun locker key for the planetarium office's cabinet. This cabinet comprises several firearms, together with a laser pistol or missile launcher and assorted ammunition (greatly varies, usually 3x assault rifles and a random weapon/ammunition). There's a Nuka-Cola Quantum on a shelf near the gun secure above the desk. After coming into the final terminal code, the player receives another notice from Prime, Earned your share. In the note Prime tells his buddy to satisfy him at the "ordinary spot", the diner close to Jury Road Metro station, which is marked in your map the second you access the password. By the time you arrive, Prime is dead (lying on a desk behind the counter), however continues to be worth discovering. His corpse is in possession of 500 more caps, explosives, ammunition, and the unique weapon, the Xuanlong assault rifle. Seven hundred caps (200 from Jiggs' loot, 500 from Prime's physique in Jury Avenue Metro station). 000, it is at the underside of the listing of selections in the terminal. 001, where you enter the first of the three passwords. You can also get this quest (and the related notice) from the terminal subsequent to the protected. In case you fail to complete or make a mistake on the terminals you won't be able to solve the puzzle again. Having the pc Whiz perk will not allow you to attempt again. You may bypass all the hacking and lockpicking by hiding within the Planetarium and waiting for the 2 super mutants to start arguing in the middle. When you assault them (keep making an attempt to cover), they will both run for the utility room to get the missile launcher regardless that they are not alleged to learn about it and the locker is locked. Simply be sure you snipe the one with the missile launcher before he hits you as soon as they come out of there. Typically unlocking the third terminal does not provde the password for the security workplace. Even after hacking the security laptop you cannot unlock the secure. Prime's empty body: after activating all of the terminals and getting the note, Prime's body sometimes doesn't present up in its entirety (solely a hand or foot) at Jury Avenue Metro, and whether or not the entire body is current, no loot is found on Prime. This bug is caused by one other non-participant character looting his corpse whereas you're away. On the Laptop, use the console and click on the body (or body half). When Prime comes up at the highest of the screen, type 'resurrect' and hit enter. Exit the console and blow his head apart, and voila - all the original loot. In some cases, Prime's body doesn't seem in any respect in the diner. As an alternative, little items of him might be found exterior, for instance the close by bus stop. Sometimes, after getting all codes right, you will not see Prime's corpse, you may only find some of his small organs. You can nonetheless loot him but he is tough to see.